Apr 20, 2017, 7:24 PM
The Bella Vista/Bentonville Photography Club met April 18th at Hometown Bank in Jane, Missouri for the regular monthly meeting with 21 members in attendance. President, Doug Keck, opened the meeting by reviewing “Shadows”, this month’s contest subject. Tips presented last month on using shadows in photography were discussed. Doug presented the April program on Leading Lines. Leading lines lead the eye into the photograph to the main subject or can occasionally lead the eye out of the image. Some examples of leading lines can be fences, bridges, shorelines, rivers, patterns, etc. leading into the image. Doug presented three videos on leading lines. Ideas gleaned from the videos included: using leading lines to give the viewer something to look at, to work the subject, to grab the viewer’s eye, to point at something cool, to provide a path to payoff, and/or to add depth for more interest. The photographer can control where lines are placed in the image by changing where they are standing, by where they point their camera, and by the height at which they take the picture. Most effective lines in photos are diagonal and curving. Try to avoid horizontal and vertical lines as they can block the viewer’s eye.